I awoke to a wet drizzly spring morning … uninspired by the weather I decided that walking to work may provide some motivational inspiration while silently voicing my dissent to rising gas prices. Swallowing the last gulps of morning java before setting out I noticed a tweet about earthworms regenerating from a single cell. Admittedly interesting enough trivia for a game of trivial pursuit, or a boring cocktail party, not interesting enough. I never clicked the link to pursue what may have been the seed that germinated the beginning of a amazing scientific journey to unlock the unknown.

As I walked along I seen others jogging and biking to destinations unknown.  And I see earthworms. Writhing on the damp sidewalk. Thinking to myself, they can rejuvenate themselves from a single cell. If only I had clicked that link I could know whether a single worm could be turned into multiple mini-mes…. I just step over them as I walk.

People happened to be lining up at a bus stop signaling the impending arrival of a faster mode of transportation to take me where I wanted to go. Deciding that would hasten my journey without compromising my embargo against the energy giants, I jumped on.

Glancing at others on the bus, I thought these people are all going somewhere. I noticed an advertisement with the slogan “dreams to reality” and my mind began to drift. I realize that life is like that… incremental steps that lead to somewhere. Many people when they start out on a journey have no idea where it will lead but through a series of steps you arrive at a destination.

We can walk, crawl, bike or jog. We can bus, or take a car. The journey to our destination. Yet the mode we use can determine our arrival time. Technology can just get us there faster. Dreams to reality! As the bus nears my stop I notice two police cruisers sitting in an obscure location waiting to thwart some inattentive motorist. Pitfalls in life.

But like the earthworm from a single cell, life grows into something that never resembled the starting point! I arrived at work….. inspired

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